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overtone bass flute

          » simple (and) fascinating «

Fujara is over five feet (1.7m) long, deep-bass folk flute of Slovak shepherds. Cherished in the seclusion of slovakian mountains, Fujara preserved over centuries as simple as it was in the beginning. Fujara flute uniquely combines a natural, easy to learn playing technique and an amazing voice!


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Why is Fujara flute so fascinating ?

  • First of all, you do not have to be educated musician to play the Fujara flute. Fujara overtone playing technique feels so natural that even on the first day of Fujara playing one can play nice tunes.
  • However, the most fascinating is the Fujara voice!
    It is exactly the kind of voice which will make you stop and listen. Many say they will never forget hearing the Fujara for the first time ...
    Just take a while to relax and listen to available fujara audio samples now.
  • It wouldn't be dare to say that Fujara is the same to flutes as the Didgeridoo to trumpets. So simple, so archaic, but so amazing!
  • At the same time, every Fujara flute is a unique creative work of art - an original. Traditionally, it is made completely by hand from deciduous trees (elder, maple, locust tree), and it takes up to one month to build a good Fujara from a seasoned piece of upland wood.

Hearing the Fujara for the first time is a mystical experience:

"From far away, a gentle wind seems to carry sounds as distant and dreamy as a landscape lost in the mists of time. With the breaking of dawn, color upon co lour emerges from the blue of the night. Silk-soft waves and pearl-like tones ripple above the deep basic tone. That is the Fujara."
About Fujara sound by Naturton, Switzerland

What is Fujara ?

"It's undoubtedly the strangest, biggest and most majestic flute of Europe and maybe it isn't wrong to say it could be our Western equivalent (although much taller, differently shaped and with another playing technique) of the world-known Japanese Shakuhachi."
Fujara description by Jan Marmenout.

Fujara is over five and half feet (1.7m) long flageolet style fipple flute, hand made from wood of upland deciduous trees.
Fujara can be best described as solo overtone flute in bass position. As the Fujara has 3 fingering vents only, the height of tone is decided mainly by the strength of in-blown air. Fujara can play easily in 7 harmonic / overtone "levels" (all fingering holes closed) purely by overblowing. That also means one can play simple melodies by over-blowing only. Moreover, in combination with simple fingering technique, Fujara flute can play more than 21 various notes in the range of more than 3 octaves. Half shading and subtle breath variations give even more possibilities.

Music therapy with Fujara :

Thanks to its amazingly rich spectrum of healing overtones, Fujara is an ideal instrument for music therapy. Nowadays music therapists start to discover the relaxing power of fujara overtones and Fujara flutes are more and more used for healing of the mentally sick, drug addicted or other people in need.
Fujara developed in seclusion of Slovak mountains to help the shepherds say the unspeakable and to calm their sheep: its mellow voice and slow melody calmed the sheep so that they could better and peacefully nibble. Fujara flute's rich harmonics achieve the same peaceful, relaxing effect for people as well.

Fujara sounds like no other music instrument on Earth ...

Just take a while to listen to its fascinating voice and you will hear a sound that you will never forget!
Learn more about this unique unknown instrument of Slovak shepherds and meet the fujara flute makers through their unique bellowed Fujara flutes presented in fujara instrument gallery.

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