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Expansion of Fujara flute in Slovakia

Today we are able to recognize three specific regions in Slovakia where Fujara flute developed and preserved:

  1. The area of Priechod, Podkonice and surroundings,
  2. the area of Detva, Hrinova, Ocova, Hrochot, Ponik, Zvolenska Slatina and adjacent sorroundings,
  3. the gemersko-malohonska area with the center in Kokava nad Rimavicou /Kokava, Poltar, Tisovec, Klenovec, Turicky/,

In these separate areas the Fujara flute indenpendently developed into two characteristic types:

  • Priechod's Fujara flute,
  • Detva's Fujara flute.

Fujara flute was tightly connected with a very specific area of middle Slovakia, ethnographicaly charakterized as Podpolanie (about 50 km in diameter with Detva in the middle).

The hypothesis about Fujara flute origin in middle Slovakia was stated in 1970 by Dr. Ladislav Leng:
"It is right to conclude, that the Fujara flute as an unique type of bass 3 hole flute, originated in shepherd's comunity in the middle Slovakia".
This opinion highlights also Fujara flute's localization in only very specific and limited area of middle Slovakia (Podpolanie - only about 50 km in diameter), from what Dr. Leng deduced, that Fujara flute could not originate from Walachian shepherd's colonization, that spreaded over much larger territories throughout the whole Slovakia.

In the period of years 1975 - 1985 took a place a vast research tracking down and documenting the origin of all Fujara flute makers and performers in Slovakia. The conclusion was, that also Fujara flute makers and performers from the outside of the specified Fujara flute regions had an origin in some of the selected areas.


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