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Fujara flute related woodwind instruments:

If we accept the Fujara flute in the family of tree holes flutes, we have 4 well-marked types of these instruments:

  1. rag and bone whistles,
  2. wooden "one-hand" whistles, made by wood chipping in northwestern Slovakia,
  3. long vatane tree holes whistles /60 - 90 cm long/ spread in the middle and east of Slovakia,
  4. Fujara flutes /originating from Zvolen's shire - Podpolanie region/.

Fujara flute is known as an instrument spread in Podpolanie area (middle Slovakia). If we realize that the Fujara flute is a tree hole bass flute, we find out, that it has many related instruments.

One group are instruments with an assistant side pipe for air supply.

This device is typical for wooden wind instruments of bass position. In this context Fujara flute ceases to be a standalone instrument from Podpolanie area and can be located within large group of instruments of similar design.

This group represent artistic bass wind instruments from the renaissance and baroque period and some contemporary folk instruments similar to Fujara flute.
From the group of folk instruments its worth to mention an instrument similar to Fujara flute made by Huculs in Ukraine. But it is not an alone standing instrument type while it is closely connected with the movement of shepherds from Slovak area.
Another instrument very close to Fujara flute is a type of bass whistle spread in Poland, which however does not have any fingering holes. It is rather played like koncovka by overblowing.
Remarkable instrument is a bass whistle made by Indians in Ands in South America. Again it is constructed using the principle of assistant side pipe for an air supply, but with 5 - 6 fingering holes in its main pipe. This instrument is definitely played together with other wind instruments, while the prime of Slovakian Fujara flute remains solo play of intimate meditative character.


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