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Fujara CD shop

Alternative Fujara flute CDs:

 >> Traditional Fujara flute CDs.
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  • 1 CD - worldwide shipping: EUR 7
  • For every aditional CD - EUR 1

To order, please send us email listing the CDs desired:

Available alternative Fujara audio CDs:

Marco Trochelmann - FUJARA
Inspiring acoustic journey with Slovak overtone flute.
Naturton - FUJARA& Fujara solo - Acoustic journey with Slovak overtone flute.
Naturton - DOME
Meditative tones leading to tranquility.
Naturton -
Fujara & Didjeridu
Development of the Naturton duo in the years 1985 -1995 ....
Naturton - ODEM
 Living breeze and breathe of the duet.

Traditional Fujara CDs.


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