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Lower priced A key Fujara flute

Does A key fujara produce as many overtones/harmonics as the more expensive fujaras in the key of G?

A key Fujara has basically the same overtone range as G key. The only difference is that G is one note lower and overall sound and harmonics of A Fujara are therefore more shifted to higher spectrum.

If I bought a lower priced A key fujara, what is it that I would miss or not get with the one in A key that I would get in a more expensive, G key fujara?

It is matter of taste. I personally like A key Fujara's very much.
A and G key fujara differ in their voices only (overtone spectrum), overtone range is the same. You can compare audio samples of G and A key Fujara flutes. To compare have a look at this page: fujara traditional_songs.htm

Some of the folk songs presented there are recorded on both G and A key fujara so you can compare them easily.

If I can conclude this shortly I would say the A key Fujara flute has little higher and thus more penetrating voice, while G or even F key Fujara flutes have somewhat bassier and haunting voice. However, the difference is not as big so you cannot go wrong with any of these Fujara keys. See recommended Fujara bass flute keys.

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