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FAQ - Fujara Flute Construction


What is the principle of Fujara flute voice?

The Fujara is a kind of very long overtone fipple flute in bass possition. There is no reed.

The principle of voice creation in Fujara flute is the same as in e.g. recorder, or Irish tin whistle:
Sound in the Fujara is created like in flute, NOT like in trumpet or reed instruments. Fujara is BLOWN INTO a fipple wind hole like the end-blown fipple flutes, e.g. recorder; and NOT ACROSS the embrouchure like transverse flutes or shakuhachi.
That is one of the reasons, why the Fujara is much easier to learn, and only after few days of practice one is able to play simple melodies.

What is the Fujara flute construction?

Every Fujara overtone bass flute is made from two pipes:

  1. main pipe with fipple flute's sound device,
  2. smaller wind pipe.

On the upper part of the fujara main pipe is located its fipple flute sound device.
On the lower end of the smaller fujara wind pipe is located fujara flute mouthpiece.
Fujara flute is blown directly into the mouthpiece, fujara flute is played standing, holding the flute vertically.
The smaller Fujara wind pipe acts as an air chamber for the fipple sound device located on the upper part of the fujara flute main pipe. The in-blown air is flowing up from the flute's mouthpiece through the flute's smaller wind pipe reaching the flute's fipple sound device, where the fujara's beautiful, soft and haunting voice is created.

There are two basic Fujara flute types:

Whole Fujara

Collapsible Fujara

Fujara main pipe is made from one long piece of upland wood. The smaller fujara wind pipe is attached to the fujara main pipe. Fujara main pipe is split into two or three collapsible pieces. However, the smaller fujara wind pipe is left intact in one whole piece and is attached to the top piece of Fujara main pipe.

Where can I find whole or collapsible Fujara flutes?

By each Fujara overtone bass flute presented in our Fujara instrument gallery is also listed its type, e.g.:

Deep Cut Fujara - Fujara type:
  • Whole (one piece)
  • Collapsible (2 parts)

Means, Deep Cut Fujara flutes are crafted as whole, and also as collapsible in 2 parts. See more details in the particular Fujara pages.

"Whole" Fujara overtone bass flutes (Fujara main pipe is made from one long piece of quality upland wood) are made in Slovakia already for centuries.
On contrary, "collapsible" Fujara overtone bass flutes present brand new element in the Fujara flute's construction. Folkart Slovakia - pioneered in the collapsible Fujara flutes construction and developed neccessary technology to craft fine quality collapsible instruments. Thus, only the Fujara flute craftsmen closely cooperating with Folkart Slovakia adopted the neccessary technology and are able to craft excellent quality collapsible fujara flutes.

What is the sound quality of the collapsible Fujara flutes?

In general, there is no difference in overall sound quality in between collapsible and whole instruments of any fujara type .
Quality of the Fujara overtone bass flute depends solely on the quality of the craftsmanship and the particular piece of wood used.

>> Detailed comparison of whole and collapsible fujara flutes.


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