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FAQ about:
Fujara workshop

How can I get to Slovakia, namely Zavadka nad Hronom village?

Here are the closest international airports. The shortest way to Zavadka is from Budapest airport:

With the minimum group of 3 people we can arrange to pick you up from Budapest, Vienna, or Bratislava airport the time you specify and drive you directly to Zavadka nad Hronom - aditional charge of EUR 150.

Our guest house is located in the village of Závadka nad Hronom, half way from Brezno to Cervená skala, 25km from Brezno.

It is possible to get to the village by train (track from Zvolen to Margecany), by bus to Brezno and by suburban lines directly to the village (If traveling by bus or train, please let us know in advance for further information).

For bikers there is an interesting fact to mention, Závadka nad Hronom is located half way between the Low Tatra bike pass from Liptov region to Horehron region (pass Priehyba) and picturesque path leading through the heart of young National park Muran plateau (Zavadka nad Hronom to Tisovec, pass Burda)

Is there a limit for minimum or maximum number of workshop participants?

  • Minimum number of workshop participants are 3.
  • There is no maximum number of workshop participants set

How many lecturers will be leading the workshops?

  • For basic playing and fujara building workshop optimum number of students in one class is 4. Meaning there will be available 1 teacher for every 3, optimaly 4, maximum 5 students, depending on the total number of workshop participants.
  • For advanced playing workshop optimum number of studets in one class is 2. Meaning 1 teacher for every 2, max 3 students.

Are the workshop lenght and program binding ?

No. We can customise the workshop lenght and programm to fit you the best. Please contact us first and inform us about your wishes and expectations.

I would like to have more tuition. Is it possible ?

You can have as much tuition as you can take :). However, we think that some other activities as optional trips can help you to relax and thus better concentrate on the actual lessons. Still, for the sake of good mental health of our lecturers there is a limit of 8 hours of tution a day.

I would like to see some more of Slovakia. Is it possible ?

Definitely yes! You can always choose if you would prefer to have more tuition or more sightseeings or sport activities. Please let us know in advance and we can fit the workshop programm and lenght to your needs.


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