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Where we are?

Folkart Slovakia in Sliac, Slovakia:

Slovakia is landlocked republic in central Europe, bounded on the northwest by the Czech Republic, on the north by Poland, on the east by Ukraine, on the south by Hungary, and on the southwest by Austria.

Sliac is located inbetween two bigger towns: Banska Bystrica and Zvolen.

Brochure about Slovakian Spas (.pdf 1.3 MB)

Directly at spa-town Sliac is located a small airport with regular flights to Prague.
Timetable Prague - Sliac airport :

From Destination Days Departure Arrival Flight No.
Prague Sliac 12345.7 12:25 13:35 OK 950
12345.7 21:40 22:50 OK 952
Sliac Prague 12345.7 14:10 15:25 OK 951
123456. 05:00 16:15 OK 953

Days: days of operation (1 Monday, 2 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, 5 Friday, 6 Saturday, 7 Sunday)

Easiest is to arrive to Sliac from Budapest airport, it is only 200 km.

Folkart Slovakia in main office in Trencin

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