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Folkart Slovakia FuYara

well tuned fujara

» playing well-tempered diatonic major «

- lathe turned in 3 parts -

FUYARA is a special kind of traditional slovak fujara which has been redesigned to meet all the requirements a modern musician can have on a musical instrument:

  • Good tuning:
    FuYara is playing well tempered diatonic major
    - on G key Fujara from g (G3) - g² (G5) /a² (A5)/
  • Superior sound quality:
    Typical fujara ornaments, "multiphonics" as whoosh and scatter are robust, rich on overtones and well balanced in overtone-spectrum.
  • Outstanding playability:
    Great responsiveness, wide dynamic range, excellent breath efficiency, resulting in smooth playability.

Fujara flutes:

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FS FuYara, lathe turned in 3 parts:

Grade - concert:

  • Key of F (192 cm / 76" long), 60€ discount: EUR 809 - EUR 749
    FREE shipping WORLDWIDE†, can be collapsed into 3 parts of 68 cm (27") long
  • Key of G (172 cm / 68" long), 50€ discount: EUR 699 - EUR 649
    FREE shipping WORLDWIDE†, can be collapsed into 3 parts of 59 cm (23") long
  • Key of G#/A♭ (161 cm / 63" long), 40€ discount: EUR 669 - EUR 629
    FREE shipping WORLDWIDE†, can be collapsed into 3 parts of 55 cm (22") long
  • Key of A (150 cm / 59" long), 30€ discount: EUR 629 - EUR 599
    FREE shipping WORLDWIDE†, can be collapsed into 3 parts of 52 cm (20") long
Fujara grade :
  • Overtones:
  • Voice:       
  • Playability:  
    • Breath:      
  • Tuning:     
    Final Grade: 5.00

FS Fujara flute's tenon joints are guaranteed to fit precisely, are finished in cork for perfect sealing, and protected by metal binding to last for years.

FS FuYara is carefully crafted from quality upland maple tree, is hand-tuned to become the best tuned fujara flute ever !

FAQ - how to care for FS collapsible fujara ?

Audio Samples:

There are no additional costs besides the instrument's price:

Within the price is included: your Fujara flute, padded carrying bag, as well as courier delivery directly to your door.
( shipped in reusable & aircraft-friendly plastic tube )†

† Additional surcharge of EUR 50 to 90 applies for countries in the most expensive (pacific) shipping zone.

Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes are finished in these variations:

Natural finish - Fujara wood is stained to light or dark brown and finished in natural lacquer (shellac).

  • light brown finish
  • dark brown finish

Acid etched - Ornaments are hand carved into the fujara wood and then are colored drop after drop by special acid lotion. Afterwards the fujara is finished in natural lacquer (shellac).


For acid etched Fujara flutes, the following sums are added to the price of natural finished Fujara:
  • Hand-carving, Fujara in G - 199 EUR
  • Hand-carving, Fujara in G#/A♭ - 189 EUR
  • Hand-carving, Fujara in A - 179 EUR
  • Acid etching, Fujara in G - 299 EUR
  • Acid etching, Fujara in G#/A♭ - 289 EUR
  • Acid etching, Fujara in A - 279 EUR

Optional wooden box:

For additional EUR 200 you can order for your FS Fujara custom-made wooden box.

  • dimensions: 65cm x 23cm x 10cm
    /25.6" x 9" x 4"/
  • weight: 2.5 kg

In this case, your Fujara will be shipped in this highly protective wooden carrying box »

As there were many musicians who were eager to use the fujara with other "western tuned" instruments, we have tried to meet their need for a well tuned fujara. After many trials and errors, we have arrived at wonderful result - Fujara playing well tempered diatonic major = FS FuYara.
So, by any means, we have now full TWO OCTAVES of well tempered diatonic major which will hopefully suffice for many :)

For the first time during the history of Folkart Slovakia and, we are allowing� 5 stars in tuning category () with this fujara - named FuYara.
We have achieved very consistent quality of our Folkart Slovakia (FS) fujara flutes. The voice as well as the overtones (and multiphonics) of any FS fujara flute are as at least as good (and getting constantly better) as in the audio samples published.

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