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k2s - profetional IT solutions. Slovak didgeridoo website - Slovak ethno scene and world music - udu drums from Czechien Powered by phpBB2 Add Me!

Free flute sheet music
Flutekey - comprehensive website dedicated to NAF (North American Flute) and fujara.
National Music Museum - America's Shrine to Music Instruments from all over world, also fujara. Virtual tours.


  • - connect to the didgeridoo community worldwide
  • - Australian Didgeridoo Cultural Hub
  • - Nice aboriginal decorated didgeridoos from Australia
  • - U.S. great didgeridoo retailer, tons of free information for you to learn with.
  • - Wandoo Didgeridoo Australia is proud to master the art of bringing to life magnificent Didgeridoos. From the picking of the fascinating Australian mallee tree to the delivery of your new digeridoo to your door, we respect the environment and the Aboriginal Culture of Australia.

  • - Low prices & large quantity & variety of didgeridoos, featuring many traditional & modern styles as well as instructional & didge music cd's.
  • - Didgeridoos made by Jorge Conesa
  • - Welcome to DidgeWeb, the site for Dutch and Flemish didgeridoo players and didgeridoo lovers.
  • - Didgeridoos, Emu Eggs, Aboriginal Art, Boomerangs, & Dreamtime stories
  • - Slovak didgeridoo pages, choose your didge, find didge players in your neigbourhood...
  • - Djembe African Hand Drums, manufactured in


  • - amazing site about flutes updated by professional transverse bamboo flute maker Romy Benton, flute tablatures...
  • - world of bamboo flutes - quenas, mosenos, ocarinas, even bamboo saxophones
  • - David Martinka's website - Native American Flute, Fujara, koncovka, 6-hole whistle player.

Shakuhachi - Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute.


Sites dedicated to Slovakia and Slovak Folklore

General Slovakia resources


  • is a website that is committed in bringing you the best quality Autoharps available online and focused on serving you cope with your musical needs. We provide all Autoharp accessories along with the best made Autoharps so that you can play the best music.
  • Jew's harps from Slovakia
  • National Music Museum - National Music Museum, The University of South Dakota, featuring thousands of music instruments and also FUJARA.
  • - Beginner & Adult piano lessons - learn the piano for beginners at home
  • - Djembe African Hand Drums, manufactured in Bali - Ika-
  • - Learn and Master Guitar</a>-Learn-and-Master-Guitar.Com is a non-biased review site. It takes a look at some of the web's more popular "learn to play guitar" programs.
  • Online Guitar Lessons - Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs.
  • - this is the man who helped me a lot in creating this website. Cheap and profetional IT solutions.
  • - summer holidays in Croatia.

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