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New fujara flute

- after arrival -

  1. Check your music instrument condition against damage in shipment immediately after delivery.
  2. Read How to care? section first!
  3. Prepare your Fujara flute for playing.
  4. Play, enjoy and have a look at:
    How to play section too.

Please, check your music instrument condition IMMEDIATELY after delivery:
If FedEx, EMS or another carrier has damaged your shipment, please save all wrappings and contact your local carrier. You MUST file a claim with your local carrier! Please DO NOT send the damaged package back to us, since the claim must be made by the receiver.
AFTER that we will discuss the details and REPLACE the flute - please see Folkart Slovakia Terms of Service.

All music instruments are sent insured against damage in shipment.

>> Read how to care instructions first !

Prepare your Fujara flute for playing:

Your Fujara should arrive safely and is ready to be played from the first moment.

In case you have received FS collapsible FuYara, you should assemble the pieces together. Push and turn the particular pieces together, to assemble/disassemble your FS Fujara safely! Avoid pushing the parts straight together, instead try to assemble/disassemble them by screwing movement !
Please, read the instructions on how to care for collapsible fujara here.

In case you have received fujara made of one piece of wood, the only thing you need to do is to install the mouthpiece:
Tied at the fujara flute leather string or in-between leather string and Fujara flute main pipe, you should find at least two small mouthpieces attached. Take one mouthpiece and plug it into the side hole at the bottom end of the smaller Fujara flute pipe. For Overtone Rich and Folkart Slovakia Fujara flutes, plug the mouthpiece with the longer side toward the bottom (beveled side pointing up) so that air could flow up without any obstacles.

Now, your Fujara should be prepared for playing. Your fujara flute is already oiled, so you don't need to do anything else but to play and enjoy ... Still after some time, when you start to feel the fujara voice is a bit more harsh or the wood of its inner walls became too dry, then it is probably a good time to oil your Fujara flute again.

Do not play your brand new fujara too extensively:

While being blown the instrument is warmed up by the current of air and vapor moisturizes the inner surface. The moisture saturates the fibres and the wood expands and then contracts when getting dry again. The blowing raises vibrations in the wood that have never occurred before. The wood should be adapted to these effects in order to achieve good sound and prevent later cracking. Therefore in the beginning, the instrument shouldn't be used over an hour daily in the first month while from then on the daily amount of blowing time can be increased gradually. After approximately two months can the new fujara be used in the usual manner without exposing it to extreme temperature changes even then.

Do you feel your Fujara flute does not play the as good as on the featured recordings ?

In case you feel your fujara flute does not play the same as on the featured recordings, or the flute's sound is weak, please check the Fujara flute against air leakage :

  1. It is essential that the small leather plug is inserted tightly in the small notch at top end of the fujara main pipe. In case the leather plug is lost an adjusted strip of leather would do the work.
  2. Check if both ends of smaller air pipe are plugged properly. The only opening through which the air should flow in, is the mouthpiece hole.
  3. Check your fujara flute for cracks in the main and the smaller fujara pipe. In case your Fujara flute was damaged in shipment, please save all wrappings and file a claim with your local carrier IMMEDIATELY! After that contact us for free repair/replacement.
  4. Still nothing? Contact us:
How to fix my fujara flute ?


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