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How to fix my Fujara flute ?

Please use these instructions to fix some minor problems of your Fujara flute:

My Fujara flute doesn't play well:
My Fujara flute's joint does not fit right:


In case your Fujara flute needs a more serious treatment we are ready to repair it for you: Find out more on Fujara flute repairs and voice improvement.

Feeling your Fujara flute doesn't play well ?

Check your Fujara :

In case you feel your fujara flute does not play the same as on the featured recordings, or the flute's sound is weak, please check the flute agains air leakage :

  1. It is essential that the small leather plug is inserted tightly in the small notch at top end of the fujara main pipe. In case the leather plug is lost an adjusted strip of leather would do the work.
  2. Check if both ends of smaller air pipe are plugged properly. The only opening through which the air should flow in, is the mouthpiece hole.
  3. Still nothing? Contact us:

After extensive playing:

If you feel your fujara flute suddenly plays weaker or more noise is present in its voice than usuall you need to clean the fujara fipple's duct (air channel):

Sometimes it happens that a dirt from your mouth or tiny spinter stucks in the fujara flute's fipple (sound device) resulting in worser fujara voice.

  1. Try to "blow out" the dirt by a very, very strong blow ( or scatter in case you want to practice :)
  2. If this doesn't help, pull out the small leather plug out of the small notch at the top end of the fujara main pipe and carefully clean the windway with a thin piece of wood, plastic or stiff paper:
    • Cut a strip of a business card off then fold it over once (to stiffen it up more) or scissor out a suitable piece from yogurt or butter/margarin plastic container
    • Run in and out of the windway to dislodge any foreign matter. Blow sharply through the windway after this to make sure that you get all foreign matter out of the windway (you can place your finger over the windway opening, so that the fujara won't make any sound .
  3. Still nothing? Contact us:

Does the joint on your collapsible Fujara flute's NOT fit right ?

Fujara flute's joint is too TIGHT

Tight is good ! It means that your Fujara flute joint doesn't allow any air to pass through which is very desired !

You can help yourself to undone the joint more easily when you will grease it regularly ('Chapstick' or ski wax can serve well too).

Due to the Fujara overtone bass flute's grand dimensions, the properties of its tenon joints can vary greatly according to local weather/humidity. To prevent the tenons becoming too loose later, we have deliberately made the Fujara flute's joint a bit more tight:

  • In the low humidity area, Fujara flute's joint tend to get looser. Oiling of your Fujara flute is highly reccomended too !
  • In high humidity (wet) area Fujara flute's joint gets even more tight.

In case the joint of your Fujara flute is too tight even after some time and playing, you can brush away a bit of cork by sandpaper. Afterwards, you should grease the cork again with the cork grease or vaseline. Please, just be carefull while tight joint is always better then loose :)

Fujara fute's joint became too LOOSE


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