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How to care properly for Your Fujara flute

Always keep in mind that Fujara is a wooden instrument, and although it is well made from thoroughly dried and well cured wood,
it still needs your attention:

  • Please don't leave your fujara flute in the car or in direct sunlight.
  • Do keep your fujara flute at an even temperature and humidity. Protect it from moisture and don't expose it to freezing temperatures or very low humidity.
  • Oil your fujara flute regularly.
  • After extensive playing ALWAYS pull out the mouthpiece and let out the condensation.

It is very important to READ AND FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS so that you can enjoy crisp sound of your Fujara flute over life time without any derogation.

Specific instructions for FS Collapsible Fujara, FuYara or Fujaridoo:
  • Always Transport your FS collapsible fujara flute disassembled.
  • FS collapsible Fujara usually need much less oiling than standard traditional fujara.
  • Grease the tenon joints of FS collapsible fujara flute regularly.
  • When leaving your collapsible fujara assembled, twist the tenon joints weekly to prevent them from getting stuck.
  • For detailed instructions please refer to:
    FAQ - Maintenance of FS collapsible fujara flutes

Oil Your Fujara flute regularly:

If you live in a low humidity area, periodic oiling is highly recommended. Use only pure oils that don't degrade/spoil over time.
See the oiling technique in pictures.

Your Fujara flute was thoroughly oiled before packaging to aid it in travel through different temperature changes during shipping. However, you can oil it when it arrives once again as the wood from the beginning absorbs the oil quickly. If you will use suitable non-degradable oil, you cannot spoil anything and your flute will be better protected.
Later on, heavy oiling is not recommended !

Suitable oils:

  • any flute oil (ask in music stores),
  • paraffin oil,
  • linseed (flaxen) oil,
  • food grade oil of your choice - Olive, Black Walnut, Sesame (to prevent rancidity add little vitamin E - a natural, non-toxic preservative)

Oil your fujara whenever you start to feel it is too dry inside:

From the beginning you can oil your Fujara more often, lets say once in 3 - 4 months (depending on the local humidity, on how much you play and how much oil the wood absorbs). Do it for example 2 times. Then, after some time, as you start to feel your Fujara is oiled enough, oil it regularly but no more than every 8 - 12 months and later you can allow even longer and longer pauses ...
Please, keep in mind that too much of anything is simply too much!

After playing:

After playing your flute ALWAYS !!! pull out the mouthpiece* and drain the condensation** !!! from the smaller fujara air-pipe.
To pour out the collected saliva either pull out the removable plug (not featured in every fujara) or just tilt your fujara and let out the condensation through the mouthpiece hole. Only then allow your fujara to rest in upright standing position.
Never stand your fujara upside-down or the condensation can get into the flute's sound device and damage it seriously.

* After long playing, due to the impact of condensation, the mouthpiece can swell up and thus crack the smaller air pipe exactly at the place where it is plugged into it.
** If the condensation is left sitting there every time before it slowly evaporates, the side tube could crack even when you would keep removing the mouthpiece.


Never play fujara or any wooden/bamboo flute that hasn't been oiled or played over years! It is dried out and due to sudden changes of moisture levels after extensive playing it can crack easily.
The most liable to crack is the Fujara small air pipe, where most of the condensation is collected. Thus, protect the small air pipe from condensation by regular oiling as well!

Collapsible fujara - greasing the tenons

The joints on collapsible fujara should be greased with cork grease (use commercial cork grease from a music store, make your own from beeswax and vaseline mixed together hot about 50/50). Pure vaseline or ski wax work well too, especially the cosmetic (parafin) VASELINE - buy it in drug store.

How to fix my fujara flute ?

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