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Introduction to Fujara sound categories...

First of all I should emphasize the Fujara is hand-made wooden musical instrument. And because every wood and hand is different, therefore every Fujara has its own unique voice. Some are crispy, some are soft, some play harsh and the other smooth. So there is no universal Fujara, as there is no universal wo/man, and the tastes may differ... So listen carefully to the available sound samples, and express yourself clearly what the voice of your Fujara should sound like and then we can advice you further ...

But as it always happen, through a period of time, people develop standards. According to traditional standards, the best Fujara voice should be soft, smooth and haunting with perfect "woosh" and "scatter", (only a human ear endowed with great patience can tune up a good scatter). According to Fujara "maestros", the wood has Spirit, so it needs a personal approach (it can be said that almost "felt by heart"). Therefore it is not possible to craft an excellent Fujara bass flute only by machine. They can help, but man's† hands are really essential.

"I tune Fujara by heart a then she, in turn, heals and means peace, and thereby embellishes the world, and such is the will of God and this way I want it too. .of all the measures the most essential is the "measure" of the maker."
Statement of Overtone Rich Fujara maker.

† I've never seen a woman making fujaras. Traditionally it is purely man's realm but it has more prosaic reasons as well. Even since nowadays the Fujaras are mostly made purely by hand, without any motorization, the process is very strenuous and involves the use of great strength which naturally favors a man...

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